Monday, April 16, 2012


Assalamualaikum semua.

It's Tebi's birthday again. The 2nd one.
22 March 2012.

Nehal is 2 already. Mama getting older *sob sob*

Tebi's birthday marks the timeline of my study leave. 2nd year of my PhD life.
Stressful yet wonderful.

There's a story behind the birth of this cute (mulat!) little 3rd baby.

My 3rd pregnancy was unplanned. In fact, I was on contraceptive pills when I suddenly realized that I was pregnant again. I accepted the news with mixed feelings.

At 7 months of pregnancy, our bibik went back to Bandung forever leaving me so sad thinking how was I to handle these 3 kids while both of us working?

But Allah knows best.....

After Tebi's birth and during confinement, the office where I am working now called informing that my application for 3 years study leave has been approved!!!!

Alhamdulillah. Allah is great.
He knows what's best for me, right?

So, Tebi's second year birthday marks my second year of study leave.
And two years of full breastfeeding. Bravo for myself!
And yet she's still a breastfed baby up until today...

And she has been so talkative since she was one year and a half.
And people who heard her talking would be so'eh, baru setahun setengah dah boleh cakap tak pelat pulak tu...'.

Maybe it's the breastfeeding that do all the wonders.
She can make up to 6-7 words in a sentence...and no pelat-pelat.
If she wants to say 'mangkuk', then it will sound as 'mangkuk' and not 'akuk' 
and if she meant 'mandi', she would say 'mandi' exactly how it is supposed to be sounded.
like her brother and sister used to be when they were at her age.

And she loves saying: 

"Kenapa abang Ipak kacau bantal bibi? Bi nak tido...". Uhu..

"Ma, abikkan tudung bibi ma...Bi nak ikut baba pegi kedai".


sometimes I found her terkedek2 memanjat tangga to go upstairs, before I get my hand to touch her, she would say:

"Mama jangan kacau nak naik cedi" (sendiri *yang ini dia pelat*)

"Jangan kacau beg bibi, nanti bibi marah!"

Kadang-kadang terasa macam cakap dengan budak besar!

I admit, I am a bit tired juggling between study, nursing the kids and etc etc...but I guess this is the only opportunity I have to raise my own child.

I am a career woman. I fall in love with my career and there is no way I am going to resign what so ever Insya Allah(*selagi tiada alasan kukuh*)

Dua hari selepas itu my cousins datang selebret sama2. Mama has no siblings but very lucky to have close like adik beradik cousins. 

Birthday cuppies. Credit to Aromaz Cottage :)

Close up sket...ada Crocs, hairbrush, crown and all the girlish and baby-ish stuffs. Mama like! *wink*

Letih jugak nak menyediakan hidangan

Rich Choc Pudding

So Happy Birthday my lil' cupcake Sharifah Nehal Ridaan.
You truly teached me the meaning of motherhood.


  1. kak cana. sape je dtg. :( me jauh. cannot come

    1. Tak selebret sangat pun. kebetulan Abg Ijat nk dtg bawak Kak Wani...sambil confess berita baik...hihihi

  2. huhu.. ain tau dah berita baik ape tu. hoho. btw, the cupcakes lookin' tasty! :) selamat membesa tebi...

  3. Alhamdulillah dah tau...bertambah besar family kita

    1. happy belated birthday tebi.

      birth date kita same. wpun umur kita berbeza. hehehe. ;D

  4. CK: selamat membesar..bahaya tu

    Irma: yeke sama besday dgn Tebi? No wonder la akak suka sgt jenguk blog Irma.....happy belated besday btw...:)