Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everything...coz of you, Nehal!

I was supposed to deliver my 3rd baby on 9th April 2010.
But Allah knows best. During my last prenatal checkup (that was on 19th March 2010) at Az Zahrah Islamic Medical Centre, the Gaeny (Dr.Noraini Nor...who's so professional) told that she traced an abnormality with the tense in the cord blood. The tensed is so hight that she worried that whatsoever food or oxygen cannot reach the baby. So decided that I must be admitted ASAP!

Oh no! I have a wedding to attend tomorrow. My cousin Raihana Zainuddin is going to get married tomorrow and I must be there. And..on Sunday...another cousin, Rabiatun Haslina will get engaged! And again...I have to be there.

The Doc said, whatever happen...I must turn myself in by Monday! This is the 1st time ever I know exactly when I am going to deliver my baby! So on 22/3/2010...I turned myself in.

The process was quite long since this is the 1st time I had to be induced to deliver the baby. The pain...was...speechless!!! Finally I managed to deliver the baby at 10.50 p.m...weighing only 2.5kg. The smallest baby I ever had so far. I named her (since 8 months ago indeed) Sharifah Nehal Ridaan. Nehal is so tiny...her skin is so fair (like WIfaq on the day he was born) and the nose is quite high. And above all, she's healthy alhamdulillah.
                                      Nehal a.k.a Teby :) (the name her sister used to call her)

By the time I am writing this entry, she's nearly 2 months old weighing 5kg! She got her 2nd jab today and the Doc was quite surprised looking at her graph! My biggest baby ever.

I got so many good news since the day I knew her existence in my tummy! We got a new sponsored car...I got 3 years of sabbatical leave...and so many good things since her arrival.
Nehal is so special to me in her very own special way. Well, of course, all of my kids are special though in their own special way. But Nehal brings so much happiness and prosperity for us...and I hope this last forever.

Maybe it's her name after all. Nehal means the one who brings luck and joy!